The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) has been designated as the competent Authority in terms of the implementation of the Directive and the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Malta.

MITA Profile

The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) is the prime Government agency with a mandate spanning from Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy to programmes and initiatives in Malta. MITA manages full implementation of IT programmes in Government focusing on enhancing public service delivery and provides the infrastructure needed for the provision of ICT services to Government. MITA is also responsible for the propagation of ICT within society and the economy and to promote and deliver programmes with the intention of enhancing ICT education and the use of ICT as a learning tool.


To be the central driver in the evolution of Malta into a world class information society and economy, nurturing the growth of a strong global knowledge workforce and transforming public services through innovation within an incessant aspiration for excellence


MITA has set itself five strategic priorities for the next three years. The Agency is to:
  • Serve as the central driver of information and communications technology policy, programmes and initiatives in Malta;
  • Provide efficient and effective information and communications technology infrastructure services to Government as directed by the Minister from time to time;
  • Deliver and manage the execution of all programmes related to the implementation of information technology and related systems in Government with the aim of enhancing public service delivery;
  • Proliferate the further application and take-up of information and communications technologies in society and the economy;
  • Promote and deliver programmes aimed at enhancing ICT education and the use of ICT as a learning tool.